Tag Fees and Payment Options

 1-year Rabies Tag for a 1-year Vaccination

   Microchipped   No Microchip
 Adult Spayed/Neutered  $9.00  $14.00
 Under 9 mos. Of Age  $9.00  $14.00
 Adult Not Spayed/Neutered  $24.00*  $29.00*


3-year Rabies Tag for 3-year Rabies Vaccination
(Only available for purchase at time 3-year vaccination is given.)

   Microchipped   No Microchip
 Adult Spayed/Neutered  $20.00  $35.00
 Adult Not Spayed/Neutered  $65.00*  $80.00*

* Includes $10.00 State Mandated Pet Population Control Fee.

If paid past the first 30 days, there is a $5 late fee.  Each month after due date, there is a $10 per month fee.  Failure to vaccinate and register dog within 60 days of due date will result in a minimum fine of $200.00.

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