Board of Health Meetings

Board of Health Meetings

As regulated by Illinois Compiled Statutes, Sec 5/-25001 et seq of Chapter 55, the Ogle County Health
Department is governed by a Board of Health. By Statute most heath boards have 8 members, but the
Board of Health in Ogle County is comprised of 11 members because the TB program and its three
member board was combined with the health department in 1998.

Board of Health members serve a three year term, and are appointed by the Ogle County Board.
A Board of Health must have at least two physicians and one dentist licensed in Illinois. If possible, one
member should be from the mental health field. There should also be one member who is
representative from the Ogle County Board. All other members shall be appointed who have a special
fitness for the Board of Health.

The Ogle County Board of Health meets six times a year, every other month on the first Tuesday of the
month at 7pm at the Health Department office, 907 Pines Road, Oregon, Illinois.

Board of Health Members 2019
     Dorothy Bowers RN
     Elizabeth Mendeloff FNP
     Mark Myers MD
     Dawn Nance
     Greg Reckamp MD
     Scott Scull LEHP
     Marty Typer (County Board Liaison)
     Katie Van Stedum
     Brian Zobek

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