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The materials listed here are available for loan at no charge from the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department (815 732-4020) 909 W. Pines Road, Oregon, IL 61061. Please call to reserve your choice of videos, books, music, landfill model, worm bin, and/or educational curriculum. Also available are items to give away to students, etc., please see “Handouts for Classrooms,” listed near the end.

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Ogle County Waste Disposal & Recycling “Green Guide”

Quarterly “Green Guide” in pdf:
October 2018

More Resources:

Worm Bin
An aerated container with red worms and bedding. The red worms recycle nutrients from organic materials to make fertile soil. Portable; 17″ long, 14″ wide and 13″ high. To be used with video “Wormania,” “Recycling with Worms”, and books, “Worms Eat My Garbage,” and “Worms Eat Our Garbage.” Students can feed food scraps to the worms (list included of what foods are acceptable). Worm Digest, “Worms Deepening Our Connection to Food and Soil,” volumes 1 through 24. Lots of information concerning vermi-composting.

Other Resources
2016 Annual Report

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