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JOB TITLESOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST                                                      Updated 05/09/2022

Under general supervision of the Director performs a variety of duties relating to 1) enforcement of state, and local solid waste regulations, and 2) implementation of recycling, education, and waste reduction efforts on a county‑wide basis.  Follows general guidance set forth in the Delegation Agreement between the County and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), and as stated in the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Plan.


  1. Understands and enforces state and county laws, regulations and procedures relating to solid waste management.
  2. Conducts routine inspections of IEPA‑permitted landfills and other non‑permitted solid waste management sites or open dumps according to procedures outlined in the Delegation Agreement and Enforcement Management System.
  3. Assists in the review of plans, applications and permits of facilities to insure conformance with established and required standards.
  4. Conducts investigations of nuisance and solid waste‑related complaints in a timely manner, and issues notices or citations for alleged violations, when appropriate.
  5. Assists in the compilation of evidence and the prosecution of non-compliant cases, when warranted.
  6. Prepares, in a timely manner, required reports, documentation, and correspondence for inspections and investigations according to approved procedures.
  7. Assists in the collection, documentation, and interpretation of data and information regarding waste management and enforcement, and maintains computerized data base for complaints received, activity reports, and other related information.
  8. Works with representatives of IEPA, the State's Attorney's Office, and other departments as needed to fulfill requirements of the Delegation Agreement and enforcement of related County Ordinances.
  9. Performs public education and information tasks related to enforcement, waste management and disposal activities.
  1. Performs various activities and tasks for the development and implementation of the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Plan and amendments/updates.
  2. Assists with the maintenance and promotion of the Solid Waste Information Library, Facebook page, website, and other educational materials.
  3. Performs informational and educational activities and programs relating to waste reduction, recycling, and other solid waste and environmental issues.
  4. Assists with the maintenance of a record keeping system for recycling and waste reduction statistics in the County. Conducts surveys, and collects and interprets data collected for planning purposes.
  5. Assists in the fulfillment of various goals, contracts, and agreements pertaining to waste management in the County.
  6. Assists in the review of Waste Reduction/Recycling and Clean-up Day grant applications. Plans and conducts waste audits of public and private establishments and recommends options for recycling, and waste reduction.
  7. Assists with planning and implementing regular and special recycling and waste reduction programs for items such as household recyclables, electronic waste, tires, household hazardous waste, motor oil, paint, Christmas trees, holiday lights, and other types of waste. Monitors on-going recycling programs.
  8. Provides information and assistance to the public regarding disposal or recycling options for special materials such as household hazardous wastes, large appliances, farm wastes, paint, prescription medications, tires, etc.
  9. Performs other duties as required or assigned.


1.  Requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Health, or related field; OR

Requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours in the physical and/or biological sciences, and two years related work experience; OR

Requires an associate's degree in the environmental sciences from an accredited college and three years of full‑time experience in solid waste management or environmental health/sciences; OR

Requires a minimum of 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of basic sciences from an accredited institution and four years of full‑time experience in solid waste management or environmental health/sciences, or prior successful career experience that parallels initiatives in this job description.

2)  AND, in addition to each item above, requires the ability to acquire IEPA certification for inspecting non‑hazardous solid waste management facilities within 12 months (on the job).  This training provided by the Solid Waste Management Department and the IEPA.


  1. General knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances relating to solid waste management, and other environmental issues.
  2. Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with government officials, the regulated community, coworkers, and the general public.
  3. Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  4. Strong organizational skills to effectively manage multiple projects and cases in a timely manner.
  5. Ability in public speaking/training to children and adults.
  6. Skills in the operation of a personal computer, digital camera, and a variety of computer programs.
  7. Ability to work independently both in the office and out in the field.

Current Illinois driver’s license.  Occasional use of personal vehicle for carrying out duties may be necessary.  Auto liability insurance mandatory.  Must be able to climb stairs, maneuver in small spaces, and to lift and carry a thirty-five (35) pound weight.  Must be able to hear and speak on the telephone.  Must be able to access public buildings and rough physical terrain.  Must be able to acquire certification to operate forklift.  Must be able to read and review written documents.



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