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Kim Stahl, Ogle County Circuit Clerk

Kimberly A. Stahl

Clerk of the Circuit Court 
(815)  732-1130

 The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a Constitutional Office. While the Clerk is elected on a county wide basis, it is not a county office as defined by the Illinois Constitution. It is a non-judicial office of the judicial branch of state government. The duties are set forth by statute, Rules of the Supreme Court and Local Circuit Court Rules.

The Clerk is required to attend all sessions of court, keep and preserve all records and files of the court, issue process as required by law, and is the Keeper of the Seal of the Court. 

 The Supreme Court announced the e-filing of civil cases is mandatory in Illinois Courts effective January 1, 2018.  This mandate includes attorneys and self represented litigants – both must e-file all documents in civil cases.  For more information, visit

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