GIS Website:

  • Create/Maintain over 50 layers (shapefiles/geodatabases) based on current county data.
  • Contract new color, high resolution, aerial photography every 3-5 years.

Emergency Services:

  • Create maps and map books for Fire Districts.
  • Maintain data in the 911 system.
  • Create maps for the Ogle County Hazard Mitigation Plan and other maps for the Emergency Management Agency.
  • Create maps for police departments with drug/sex offender buffers.


  • Create/Maintain zoning maps and address maps.
  • Locate and maintain utilities (fire hydrants, water shut-offs, manholes, catch basins) and signs .

Conservation District:

  • Create plat books.

Ogle County Cemeteries

  • GPS and/or plat cemeteries.
  • If you would like a specific cemetery gps’d, let us know and we will add it to our list.  If you have connections with a cemetery board or sexton encourage them to contact us.


GPS and/or plat cemeteries.
Oregon High School Cross Country Trail
…and many more.

We are also available for contract work if you have a mapping or gps project.

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