Ogle County Reporting Center

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Ogle County Probation

The Reporting Center (OCRC) consists of two programs: Alternatives to Suspension (ATS) and Alternatives to Detention (ATD). 

ATS: This program follows a school calendar year.  In cooperation with local community schools, youth who are suspended from their home school are able to attend a structured Day Program located on the Focus House campus.  Youth are able to reduce their original suspension time by cooperating with the ATS program.  Youth are encouraged to complete their homework with adult supervision, mentoring and an opportunity to engage in pro-social and healthy activities.

Ogle County School District Forms for ATS program:

ATD: As an alternative to detention, the Court or the Probation Officers can require the youth to attend the ATD program due to technical violations to their court orders.  This program operates 3pm-8pm Monday through Friday during the school year and 10am-3pm Monday through Friday during the summer. Youth in attendance are provided academic support, cognitive skill-building and structured supervision.

Ogle County Probation Officer Forms for ATD program:

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