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2021 Solid Waste Management Plan Update

The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Plan is being updated this year and a Citizen’s Advisory Committee has been formed to provide public input into the process. The Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act requires each Illinois County to prepare, adopt and implement a 20-year municipal waste management plan. Under this law, the plans must also be updated and reviewed every five years.

The original Ogle County Solid Waste Plan was adopted in 1991. Three subsequent five year updates were completed in 1998, 2003, and 2015. The current Solid Waste Management Plan (Twenty Year Update) is available to be viewed or downloaded below, or printed copies are available from the Solid Waste Management Department.

The purpose of doing the solid waste management plan update is to review the recommendations and tasks in the existing plan, discuss various waste management options, consider suggestions from the advisory committee, and to propose new recommendations to the Ogle County Board for the 2021 Solid Waste Management Plan Update.  These recommendations will include plans for waste reduction, recycling, and final disposal of waste generated in Ogle County.

For more information about the Solid Waste Management Plan Update, visit our Resources Page.

Changes to Electronics Recycling Event Procedures

In response to overwhelming attendance and volumes of electronics received at recycling events in 202, the Department implemented changes in the procedures to attend these events.  Electronics Recycling Events  now have a limit on the number of participants, require permits in advance, and have a strict limit of 7 items per household.  The changes were implemented to insure the safety of the workers and participants at the events, and to reduce the wait times for those attending.

To register for these events please call or email us by 12:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the event to request a free Electronics Recycling Permit.  Information needed: your name, address, phone number and email.  Requests received after this time or when the permit limit has been filled, will have the option to be registered for the next monthly event.  A permit will be emailed or sent by mail to each approved household.  Permits are limited to one residential address per month, and are valid for one specific event. Registration will be limited to Ogle County residents only, and addresses and identification will be verified. 

Participants at the event must show their permit and identification with proof of Ogle County residency when they arrive at the event.  This event is for electronic items from Ogle County residents only; residents of other Illinois counties should check with their local government or electronic retailers for electronic recycling options where they reside.  People without a permit will be denied service.

The Illinois Consumer Electronics Recycling Act limits the number of electronic items accepted to seven, so only seven (7) items will be accepted for recycling.  Accepted electronic items which are counted each as one (1) item include all televisions, computer monitors, computer towers, laptop computers, printers, FAX machines, scanners, electric typewriters, DVD/VCR players, cable or satellite receivers, stereo equipment, video game consoles, and microwave ovens, which are $5 per microwave.  Smaller items such as computer cables, e-mice, keyboards, tablets, cell phones, home phones, calculators, digital clocks, rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs and printer cartridges may be bulked together in a box or bag and will count as one (1) item in the total.  Please check with the OCSWMD to verify what items are accepted and what is not accepted if you are unsure.

Please call 815-732-4020 or email the OCSWMD at to register for future electronics recycling events.  A schedule is linked below, as well as additional guidelines.

Recycling Dates Flyer 2021 Electronics
Ogle County Electronics Recycling Guidelines


Green Bags 
Reusable shopping tote bags are available for sale at our office.  $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  Stop by to purchase them. 
Green Bags ad

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Disposal

Waste medicine such as expired or unneeded prescription and over the counter medications can be safely disposed at all of the local police and sheriff's departments at these locations:

Ogle County Sheriff's Department, 202 S. 1st St., Oregon - open 24/7
Police departments:
Byron, Mt. Morris, Forreston, Oregon, Polo, and Rochelle - during business hours
Waste Medicine/Sharps Disposal Page

Special Collection Events
Each year our department plans special collection events targeted at waste which may be difficult to dispose of or recycle, or which may present hazards to public health or the environment. These events are funded by the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Dept. and are for Ogle County residents.

Christmas Tree Recycling 2020-2021 takes place annually throughout Ogle County between December 26th until January 24, 2021. Contact us for more information.  Christmas Tree Recycling Brochure  2020-2021
Christmas lights recycling, will begin in November, or you may bring them to our electronics recycling events.  Christmas lights recycling


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