Solid Waste Plan Update

The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Plan has been updated this year and several public meetings were held to allow public participation in this process. The Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act requires each Illinois County to prepare, adopt and implement a 20-year municipal waste management plan. Under this law, the plans must also be updated and reviewed every five years.

The original Ogle County Solid Waste Plan was adopted in 1991. Two subsequent five year updates were completed in 1998, and 2003. The final Solid Waste Management Plan (Twenty-Year Update) is available to be viewed or downloaded below, or copies are available at the Solid Waste Management Department in Oregon.

The purpose of doing the solid waste management plan update was to review the recommendations and tasks in the existing plan, discuss various waste management options, consider suggestions from the advisory committee, and to propose new recommendations to the Ogle County Board for the Twenty-Year Update.  These recommendations included plans for waste reduction, recycling, and final disposal of waste generated in Ogle County.

The Citizen’s Advisory Committee and the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department worked diligently to update the Solid Waste Plan.  Below is the final copy date February 2015 along with copies of the drafts, meeting information and minutes of the meetings.

Ogle County Solid Waste Management Plan Twenty-Year Update, February 2015

2014 Solid Waste Plan Update Draft Press Release

2014 SW Plan Update Schedule

2003 Solid Waste Plan – 10 Year Update

Meeting 1:
Meeting 1 Notice

Power Point:
Ogle County SWM Plan Update 2014 Mtg 1

2014 Review Questions Form
2003 Task Review Table
MW Mgmt Planning Requirements
Five Year MW Mgmt Updates
Waste & Recycling in Illinois
DECO-IRA Waste Study 2009

Minutes Meeting 1

Meeting 2:
Meeting 2 Notice

Meeting 2 Agenda

OCSWM Plan Update 2014 Mtg 2 PPNotes
Kane Co SolidWastePlan 2009
Kane Co. Mandatory Commercial Recycling Ordinance
Kane Co. Recycling and Hauler Licensing Ordinance 95-157
Kane Co. Recycling Haulers Licencing & Reporting Ordinance
Los Angeles Eval Alt Waste Proc Tech

Power Point:
Ogle County SWM Plan Update 2014 Mtg 2

Minutes Meeting 2

Meeting 3:
Meeting 3 Notice

Meeting 3 Agenda

Minutes Meeting 3  

Meeting 4:

Meeting 4 Agenda 

Minutes Meeting 4  

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